Established in 1985 in Chittagong, the port city of Bangladesh, Samrat International first started their business activities in export sector from Bangladesh to different countries. The items of export were:

  1. Whole bamboo and bamboo split
  2. Shark Fins and fish Maws.
  3. Live Crabs.
  4. Dry Fish.
  5. Flower brooms
  6. Fruit seeds of tropical countries to European countries.
  7. Bamboo seeds.


Having moved over to USA. Samrat International set up its business establishment in New York in 1993. SAMRAT is USA registered Trade Mark, having Head office at:



89-39 Elmhurst Ave (2nd Floors)

Elmhurst, New York 11373


Phone: 718-899-1903

Fax: 718-899-2071


Samrat International is at present engaged in export of the following commodities from USA to different countries and import from different countries to USA

We are Supplying below product.

  1. Industrial fabrics-Tire Cord Fabrics of first quality and 2nd quality
  2. Refined Soya bean and Corn oil.
  3. Wheat.
  4. Copper Scraps.
  5. Lead Scrap.
  6. Aluminum Scraps
  7. Waste papers

We Import below products:

  1. Garments under the brand name of SAMRAT
  2. Mattress etc.

We do shipping Business

  1. Work as Ship Chandler
  2. Supplier of crewmembers to ocean going vessels.
  3. Freight Forwarder.

Samrat International also handles export of Bamboo, Flower Broom Bamboo sticks for kite flying and making incense sticks through its business associate:

M/S East Land Export Enterprise,

922 Jubilee Road,

Chittagong-4000. Bangladesh.

Contact person: Md. Nurul Kabir Chowdhury.

Cell No. 88-017-324-50575