Historically, Bangladesh is a maritime nation and has antique successful history in seafaring profession. It has launched its Seafaring profession during the British Colonial period. More than 12000 (twelve thousands) seafarers are engaged on board ship throughout the globe. Bangladesh has 11 (Eleven) Maritime institutions produced dedicated seafaring officers, crew, seafaring fishermen, inland deck personnel and inland engineers.Private Maritime institutions are engaged to produce officers and conducting short courses. All of the training and certification courses are in full compliance with revised STCW convention’ 2010 and in line with required international instrument in force. Bangladesh shipping fleet consists of 68 ocean going ships it has two sea ports. More than thousands of ocean going vessels calls in and out of Bangladesh ports with seaborne cargo every year. Bangladesh became a member of the IMO since 1975 and included in the white list. It supports the IMO’s objective in achieving safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans.

Seaman Recrewding

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Tanker vessel VLCC

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