our large business volume allows us to buy directly from factories and whole sellers thus enjoying significant economies.
We have a wide specter of products such as breads, breakfast, cereals, tinned fruits, jellies, frozen meat, peppers, sea food, fishes, milk, drinks, etc.

Bonded goods

We supply variety of bonded goods, beverage, cigarettes, confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts and souvenirs to meet our customers’ requirements.

Technical & safety equipment

Our technical and safety support services include servicing of life rafts, fire extinguishers. We organize also under water survey, cleaning, propeller polishing, under water repair and welding.

Parcels Custom CLEARANCE

We do all necessary formalities at airport to clear your Parcels upon arrival and deliver it on board in shortest possible time to reach your vessel at the right moment and before sailing.

Spare Parts delivery

If required, we handle Spare Parts of our customers, keeping them in our warehouse and deliver when and where they are required.

Deck, cabin and engine stores

Our company can meet all requirements relating to deck, cabin and engine stores. These supplies include, for example, fire extinguishers, new and second hand anchors, chains, lifeboats, life rafts and engine spare parts. All equipment is packed in special boxes ensuring that they are transported with absolute safety from our storage area to the vessel.

We understand that no matter how small or large the customer’s requirement, the same care and professionalism must be taken every time as we know the importance of delivering a first class ship-supply service. That is our business, that is what we understand, and that is why we are the leading USA independent ship supplier.

  • Dedicated one-stop supplier to the marine and offshore industry.

  • Supply to 100% of USA ports.

  • Complete range of stores and services.

  • Marine spares service world-wide

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